WeP DMS: is an integrated productivity tool built on a service-oriented architecture (SOA) that helps you manage all your clients’ Print assets on a single software platform. WeP DMS delivers a comprehensive view of all Print Device assets, types, their conditions and locations, and the associated work processes that Support Your Sales, Production, Administration, IT, and Finance teams for optimal planning, control, audit and compliance capability.

It will collect, build and share a repository of Print Device Performance Data FROM ALL YOUR SITES and these reports can be accessed on YOUR DESKTOP AT YOUR HEAD OFFICE using the 128 bit SSL encrypted Secure Cloud server.

WeP DMS has features to perform Device Metrics and also Business Operations. It has asset discovery, device management & invoicing as part of the technical management of devices. On the business related processes side WeP DMS has supplies orders fulfillment & service delivery management features that are completed with the support of service n supplies vendors. Also it provides simple print auditing features for budgeting purposes.

WeP DMS will discover all installed Network Print Devices. Locally Connected Printers also mapped by an Agent that is installed at the system to which USB printers are connected.

The Cartridge Levels are tracked and presented to Clients and Vendors. These will be come the basis for all Cartridges / Device consumables Sales and Supplies.

The devices are Continuously Tracked and Monitored. These results are presented to Clients onsite and Vendors through the Secure Cloud Server.

All Errors an Alerts that occur on the tracked devices and presented to Clients and Vendors. These will be come the basis for Quick Resolution of problems and also for Service Management Features.

The Device Usage Details are audited presented to Clients and Vendors as Statistics for Usage Pattern Analysis.

The Most Important Aspect of the Whole WeP DMS Suite is The Skills Levels Messages presented needed to resolve the Print Device Alerts that occur. These Messages will be core to assist the clients and their vendors to quickly resolve Device Alerts & Errors.

Using the collected Print Device Data that that is presented to Clients & Vendors all the necessary Business Functions illustrated below can be performed.